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Spiritual Spa Menu:

Our Spiritual Spa focuses on facials that are not only good for your skin, but also for your spirit. Our spiritual menu is for those who need to energetically cleanse, rejuvenate, and heal the spirit.  

The Chakra Energizing Facial 

with Wendi

This facial sets the standards for luxury and relaxation. This unique treatment combines traditional facial techniques with energy and chakra healing. While your skin is being cleansed and pampered, your energy centers (chakras) are being cleared and revitalized.  This facial truly treats the "whole" body and will leave you in a state of bliss and your skin glowing!   Also includes: massage for face, neck , arm/hand, and scalp.

60 min...$130.00    

* Book with Wendi directly:

 (702) 540-9375

 Energy work with Wendi

If you are feeling "off", or maybe just stuck in a low mental state, it's possible you may need to work on the energy that surrounds your body,  the Auric field.  Reiki is a positive movement of energy that can assist with stagnant or blocked chakras by helping to re-energize these points in our bodies.  Choose from a one hour Reiki session, a 30 minute chakra balancing with crystals or a combination of both!  You will feel relaxed and "lighter" after this energy work. 

 *Book directly with Wendi: (702) 540-9375

REIKI....60 MIN.........$100



Spiritual Wellness Add-on's:

These spiritual treatments will help revitalize your spirit alongside your rejuvenating facial. You can choose from the following type of spiritual services:

- PRANIC HEALING & AURA SCANNING: Remove the negative energies that become part of our auric field, allowing you to feel clear, lighter and more yourself.....

45-60 min.......$100 (with Kytti)


Wendi is a Reiki practitioner and crystal energy worker

Kytti is a certified Reiki Master. Sessions are all 45-60 minutes.


- CRYSTAL ENERGY: Revitalize your energy and feel the calming effect with a crystal tune-up! Add on

"Crystal Energy" to any facial treatment!

Duration of facial treatment...$20.00

*Please note all spiritual & metaphysical services do not replace any medical treatments, services, or prescribed medication.

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