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Younger by Tonight's

Advance Skincare Menu

Younger by Tonight is an advanced treatment spa that combines technology with relaxation to give you a younger appearance!

At Younger by Tonight, we strive to be on the cutting edge of skincare technology. Any beauty devices used in our spa will NEVER have the same power or intensity that medical professionals can provide. We use only gentle, non invasive methods to activate and prompt your skin to achieve a smoother, firmer, and healthier appearance.

Younger by Tonight will do our best to refer you to any one of our fine plastic surgeons or dermatologist in our valley, should you desire the next level of cosmetic enhancements. 

The Works Collection:

The original works has been a long time favorite of our clients. Now we are bringing you a whole new experience with The Works Collection!

Each treatment is 60 minutes, and will now focus more accurately on your skin's needs.

All of the "Works" collection will still provide collagen stimulation, muscle toning and exfoliation. 

- The Original Works:

Includes a lite acid peel and exfoliation with Diamond Microdermabrasion. Microcurrent are used to help firm and tone your neck and facial muscles, along with high frequency and galvanic current for stimulating natural collagen, softening lines and rebuilding the elasticity of the skin.

60 min, NO DOWNTIME!

ONLY $99!!

- The Ultimate Works:

Includes a lite acid peel and deeper exfoliation with crystal microdermabrasion. Microcurrents are used to help firm and tone the neck and facial muscles, while high frequency activates natural collagen. Galvanic current helps to infuse products into the skin while softening lines and plumping the skin and L. E. D's  help to promote healthier skin at a cellular level.

* This treatment is appropriate for pigmentation, deeper lines and dry skin

60 min, NO DOWNTIME!


- The Cleansing Works:

Includes a purifying pore cleansing facial with extractions, mask and lite massage. High frequency and ultrasonic is used to reduce bacteria and help with collagen production, soften lines and tighten tissue. Microcurrents are used to help firm and tone neck and facial muscles resulting in an uplifted appearance that lasts for weeks!

75 min, NO DOWNTIME!


- The Hair Removal Works:

Includes a facial waxing (for removal of fine hairs), cooling wand to help soothe the skin, microcurrents for firming your neck and facial muscles, and galvanic current and high frequency to stimulate natural collagen and help nurture the elasticity of the skin.

60 min, NO DOWNTIME!

ONLY $135!!

The Designer Package:

All treatments will be discussed with the client prior to starting the facial. Every person has individual skin care needs and we can tailor make any package to fit what you you are looking for!


Microdermabrasion: Is a safe way to exfoliate the top layer of skin while refining the pores and lines. Microdermabrasion allows the skin to breath and increases circulation to carry away impurities that can clog the under layers of your skin. It has been the most popular of all treatments over the past 20  years! 

The Diamond Peel

Microdermabrasion: (30 min) $75.00

w/ lite-acid peel.......................$85.00

w/ pore cleansing....................$115.00


Microdermabrasion: (30 min) $90.00

w/ lite-acid peel.......................$100.00

w/ pore cleansing....................$130.00 

Triple Peel Facial:

Includes a lite acid peel, diamond or crystal microdermabrasion and the new hydrobrasion!  This peel is excellent for problem pigmentation, melasma, rough, dry skin and uneven texture. This treatment will leave your complexion lustrous and glowing and will not leave the skin red or irritated.

(50 min) Priced at $250...NOW ONLY $150!!!


- Oxygen Facial:     

Oxygen products as well as oxygen spray ( mixed with peptide serums) infuses the skin with the highest amount of nutrients. This advanced facial increases skin circulation and water content, giving you a plump and vibrant skin tone. 

60 min...$135.00 

Lifting Treatment:

These treatments all include our advanced technologies for a natural way to lift, firm, tighten, infuse and more!  

Firm skin by Tonight!

Pulsed Microcurrents retain the muscles of the face and neck. It lifts and tones jaw line, upper cheeks, eyes, and forehead. This facial includes sonic cleansing and firming serum infusions for a firm and toned appearance.

45 min...$85.00

THE "ALL YOU NEED"..... For face, neck, and arms!

A wonderful and luxurious treatment focused on your face, neck, decollete, and arms. This facial combines both product application as well as high frequency and other technologies for cellular stimulation. Starting with the face, neck, and decollete, the skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated. Anti-aging and hydrating serum are applied to the decollete while high frequency, galvanic and infrared technologies are used on the neck and face for stimulating collagen, tightening tissue and softening lines.. Next , a hydrating sugar scrub is applied to the arms to exfoliate dead skin cells and gentle ultrasonic is used to help tighten crepey, sagging skin. You will float away as we finish with a relaxing and firming arm massage. This is truly an upper body facial!

90 minutes......$165

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