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Treat your Body!
We would like to welcome our new addition to our spa...massage treatments!  These are lovely and relaxing treatments, with a touch of Younger by Tonight's special additives.  

Upper Body Massage:
Includes upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, and head massage.
30 min.....$49.00

Lower Body Massage:
Includes lower back, hips, legs, and feet massage. 
30 min.....$49.00

Simply Relaxed:
Enjoy this blissful full body Swedish massage as you are pampered from head to toe!
60 min.....$85.00
90 min.....$125.00

Gimme Gimme, Lomi Lomi:
Try this lovely Hawaiian massage to soothe your muscles, reduce inflammation and relieve your tension.  You will feel as if the Hawaiian ocean waves were carrying your stress away!  Tropical aromas will transport you to a tropical paradise.  
*Unscented oil is available
60 min.....$85.00
90 min.....$125.00

Rid the Root of Tension:
Good for sports related tension
A Deep Tissue full body massage to help reduce the root of muscle pain and aches. Two methods of massage are used in this therapeutic treatment to balance the pressure of the muscles. 
60 min.....$99.00
90 min.....$145.00

YBT's Advance Massage
These treatments are a combination of our new massage menu and our advanced technology for the body.  Enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage along with our technology to see a natural lift.

Relax Crepey Arms Away: 
Relax and enjoy a massage for the  neck, shoulders , arms and hands  to relieve daily tension.  Then enjoy the warm sensation of radio frequency for firming and tightening the arms. (4-10 sessions of radio frequency are recommended). 
45 min.....$95.00

Melt the Fat Away:
Remove the tension and stiffness in your spine with a back and hip massage.  Continue to relax as you experience ultrasonic " Fat-blasting" to help reduce those unwanted love-handles.
45 min.....$95.00  

Smooth Out Cellulite:
Treat yourself to a relaxing full body massage as you let all your worries fade away.  This treatment starts with ultrasonic "fat blasting" for the front or back of thighs to break up fat deposits which cause unsightly cellulite. Or, choose Radio Frequency to help tighten and firm loose skin. Then enjoy this amazing massage which  will further facilitate the lymphatic  process....You will feel pampered!
50 min.....$125.00

Cleansing Facial with Full Body Massage. 
This duo will have you feeling like you are in a dream! Starting with a full body massage, your body will feel relaxed and your skin will be drenched in hydration. As we begin your facial, steam will activate a natural enzyme applied to your skin, gently lifting unwanted dead skin cells and revealing your beautiful glowing complexion. This facial includes extractions, masks, and massage and protective sunscreen for our desert climate.
90 min....$175.00
*TAKE $20.00 OFF  
for first time client only

Younger Body by Tonight Massage:
A fully body massage using a combination of Swedish, lomi lomi and stretch points designed to release pressure on stressed muscles.  This treatment also uses radio frequency on the upper arms as well as the front of thighs/knees to help reduce crepey skin and tighten loose tissue. Special anti-cellulite and firming serums are used to further enhance this amazing massage treatment. Get ready to be relaxed and have your body looking better with each session!  
90 min.....$199.00    
*Buy a package of 4 for just $165 each, must be used within a year of purchase. 
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